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Welcome to our photo album.
Here is a collection of photos from our album that we hope you enjoy.
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Ch Dlarah Brown Sugar & Grand Ch Dlarah Witchcraft
Grand Ch Dlarah Witchcraft and Ch Dlarah Brown Sugar with Naomi
Grand Champion Morkerbook Atoomi on the lookout!
Supreme Ch Morkerbook Suntucht Bell having a rest!
Obedience Champion & Australian Ch Morkerbook Stormi Blitz ET ADM JDM HT
Grand Champion Morkerbook Lil Dolly ready to play ball.
Grand Champion Trissaro the Allusion after winning a Best in Show.
Grand Champion Morkerbook Swaggie. Qld's first Grand Champion Kelpie.
The Vallhunds with Lucky the cat.
Hard day at the dog show!!(when you are a baby!)
Dogs having to share their bones with other residents!
Supreme Champion Morkerbook Burning Flame relaxing in the cool.
Ember on the lookout.
Ember in the water dish (only just!)
Gabby still looking good at 9 years of age.
Kempy being cheeky!
Grand Ch Morkerbook Blazen Dare (Burnie's sister)
A real water baby!
Catching the drops!
What was that you said??
Darla and Zeke at approx 4mths.
Ch Kusco Blinkndare Topaz at 15 months.
Naomi with Zeke
The rear view!!
Sitting pair.
I wish he would just move over!!
Darla 9mths.
Cattle Kelpie Club Show 2012. Intermediate in Show.
The Vallhund Family - Dad (Trooper), Zeke, Darla and sister Angel.
A Kelpie Tractor???
Topaz and her rattle.
Zeke and Darla playing tug of war.
Winner of the tug of war game!
Look what happens when a kelpie gets a ball!
Another tug of war game!
Give it to me!!



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